My Approach

I hope to provide empowerment to clients and to assist in seeking clarity and a further understanding of ways to gain the tools required to live a healthier and a happier life and have healthier relationships.

More About My Practice

I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities, specializing in the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I tailor the treatment goals to the specific needs of my clients. I provide tools for the client to become more self-reliant and to become their own therapist when similar situations arise in the future. The therapeutic environment I provide allows clients to discuss their issues in a confidential, secure, and healing place. I use reflective listening and questioning to reveal unproductive thinking and behaviors. I hope to uncover a client's natural abilities and teach useful skills for regaining emotional health. My approach is supportive, respectful, and encouraging.

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    267 Willimantic Rd. Suite 5
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